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Ancel VD500 Automotive Obd2 Scanner Full System Airbag ABS EPB Oil Service Reset Obd 2 Car Diagnostic Tool For VAG VW Audi Skoda

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Ancel VD500 Automotive Obd2 Scanner Full System Airbag ABS EPB Oil Service Reset Obd 2 Car Diagnostic Tool For VAG VW Audi SkodaAncel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832

Introduction for Ancel VD500 OBD2 Scanner

  1. 1.Designed for diagnose 12V 16Pin Volkswagen Audi Skoda Seat V/A Series vehicles, and 12V cars & light trucks(Non-electric) from 1996 and newer that are OBD2 compliant with 16 Pin OBD2 protocols

  2. 2.For Volkswagen (VAG) vehicles, read and erase codes on Engine, ABS, Transmission, SAS (not all cars), ESP, TPMS and more systems;Reset the oil, brake pad and Throttle position adaption.

  3. 3.For normal OBD2 vehicles,read and erase codes; show definitions, turn off the MIL (check engine light) and retrieves VIN information.

  4. 4.Vehicle coverage: for Volkswagen/VW (CC, EOS, Golf, GTI, Jetta, Passat, Phaeton, Polo, Rabbit, Sharan, Tiguan, Touran, Touareg); Audi(A3, A4, A6, A7, A8, A5, Q3, Q5, Q7, R8, RS3, TT, RS, RS5, S4, S6); Skoda (Octavia, Rapid, Yeti, Kodiaq, Fabio, Superb); Seat (leon, Ateca, Ibize, Altea, Cushion, Cord, Alhambra).

  5. 5.Works with English and German.

  6. The VD500 scanner provides life-time free software updates for to fix the latest bugs or add new parameters.Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832

  7. Ancel VD500 OBS2 Scanner Reading Systems

    1.Engine System

    Quickly determine the cause of the Engine System, and turn off the warning light. It also retrieves current, permanent, and pending codes in the vehicle engine system, What's more, it also shows critical OBD II standard extended data, such as fuel, emissions data, and other real-time manufacturer-specific parameters in the engine system for making sure it works correctly and safely.


    When the SRS (Safety Restraint System) light is on, it means that the Airbag Control Unit sees an issue in the system. The system is subsequently disabled and the airbags will not deploy in the event of an accident. You can use VD500 to check if there is a malfunction in the SRS system and get it fixed. It is very important that airbags are functioning properly at all times.


    If the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) light is illuminated, it means your tires could be underinflated, which can lead to undue tire wear and possible tire failure. VD500 can read codes on the TPMS system to identify possible problems including a bad sensor or underinflation and clear them when a solution is found.


    When you see the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) light is on, you know it's serious. VD500 can help. Just use it to identify what has gone wrong by plugging in the unit to your 16-pin port (normally under your steering wheel). You can make a determination what could be the causes of the error: low brake fluid, a blown fuse, or abnormal signals from wheel sensors.

    5.Transmission System

    If you notice the following: transmission slipping, rough shifts, delayed engagement, fluid leak or transmission warning, then your car may need to be maintained. You can use VD500 to do a series of diagnostics and pinpoint the problem area for repair.


    The steering angle sensor (SAS) is a critical part of the ESC system that measures the steering wheel position angle and rate of turn. SAS is very important for the safety of the driver and the passenger alike. When the SAS light is on, you can use VD500 to read error codes. Once a problem is fixed, you can use VD500 to recalibrate and clear the codes.

    7.ESP System

    Electronic Stability Program (also Electronic Stability Control) can improve a vehicle's stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction (skidding). When ESP detects a loss of steering control, please check the ESP light and get a code reading before you do anything about it. It can help you to minimize potential losses, both monetary and in terms of human life.

    8.Battery System

    The battery light (a light in the shape of a battery symbol) indicates a battery charging problem. If the battery light comes on and stays on while you are driving, the most common cause is a broken alternator belt. You can use VD500 to read the fault code and clear it when the problem is located.

    9.Immobilizer System

    The immobilizer warning light turns on if your anti-theft system does not recognize the car key being used, or if it's the wrong key or low on battery. The engine may start and run for a few seconds before dying or the engine may not even crank up at all. VD500 can assist you by reading error codes associated with the above-mentioned symptoms.

    10.Retrieves VIN Information

    For other OBD2 vehicles:

    Reads code Erases code Shows code definitions Retrieves VIN Information Turns off the MIL (check engine light) Notice:Must be 12V cars and light trucks (non-electric) manufactured in 1996 or later that are OBD II-compliant with 16-Pin OBD II protocols (J1850 VPM, J1850PWM, ISO9141, KWP 2000 and CAN).

  8. Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832
  9. Ancel VD500 OBD2 Scanner for VAG Maintenance Function (for VW, for Audi)

    1.Oil Service Reset

    Sometimes shops neglect to reset the maintenance-required meter if the light doesn't happen to be on yet when they are changing the oil. Many quick-lube shops simply don't know how to reset it. OBD2 scanner oil reset comes on strictly as a function of those miles can through maintenance-required light comes on to remind you to change your oil.

    2.TP Position Check

    The TPS connects to the throttle plate on the throttle body. The position sensor has a variable resistance potentiometer that sends a varying voltage signal to the Power Control Module (your car's engine computer) according to the position of the throttle plate. With the engine running, the position of the throttle plate (along with other sensors) tells the computer how much fuel the engine needs at any given moment. OBD2 scanners correct signal coming from the TPS, remind you begin to notice drivability problems.

    3.EPB Brake Pad Reset

    Electronic handbrake is a technology that realizes parking brake by electronic control. Unlike the traditional handbrake where the driver pulls the level, in EBP the driver presses a switch. The switch then sends a command to electronic brake module. The module senses that the parking brakes need to be operated then sends a command to actuators in the brake calipers. ANCEL code reders a trick to save you money and time.


For VAG Groups, Very Important Special Functions Supported Car Protocols: (Very Important)

1, KWP1281 Porotocl: Oil Service Reset, TP Position Check 2, KWP2000 Protocol: Oil Service Reset, TP Position Check 3, TP Can Protocol: Oil Service Reset (oil service and inspection service), TP Position Check , EPB Brake Pad Reset (2005-2012) 4, UDS Protocol: Oil Reset(oil service and inspection service, maintenance interval setting), TP Position Check EPB Brake Pad Reset (2012-)



Please inquire us if you focus on someone function, different car work with different function Please Leave us message in below format, for example : VW Golf7 2015, 2.0cc, Diesel, Oil service reset function,we will reply you within 8 hours.Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832Ancel-VD500-Automotive-Obd2-Scanner-Full-System-Airbag-ABS-EPB-Oil-Service-Reset-Obd-2-Car-Diagnostic-Tool-For-VAG-VW-Audi-Skoda-4000812241832

Package List:

1* ANCEL VD500

1* User Manual

1* USB Cable

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